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In an emergency when minutes matter

Do you have a plan?

At Urgent Pet Care of South Tampa, we strive to provide truly attentive and individualized, state-of-the-art medical care to your pets.

Our veteran team of doctors and staff take a comprehensive approach to our assessment and care of each and every pet. From analyzing previous records, to spot-on care once you arrive, we take compassionate care seriously at Urgent Pet Care of South Tampa.

Quality Care


At Urgent Pet Care of South Tampa, our staff and veterinary team are far from ordinary. In fact, our entire team is highly specialized in emergency medicine and critical care. This makes us especially adept when it comes to issues that require rapid attention.

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Emergency Services

You can have total confidence that no matter how big or small the matter at hand, our team will handle it in a calm, collected, and incredibly proficient manner. That’s why we’re trusted throughout the Tampa area, and so pleased to provide the services that we do.

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What To Expect

Rapid care from our highly specialized Urgent Pet Care Team! Our team of seasoned veterinarians and staff are always prepared for issues both big and small. You can expect your visit to flow in this order…

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